How to Post an Event on the Calendar
This works really well for your Call to Artists also!
Our featured events are selected from a larger pool of events which are managed with Zoomaru™ audience development tools. The Zoomaru™ calendar system is open to all planners and organizers of events which are of arts, culture, or community interest. The events are created and edited by organizations and individuals from around the state. It is free to register for this service. The events listed on the calendar are syndicated to our other partners.

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There are three ways to take advantage of the Zoomaru™ system.

1. Free registration (create your account) and posting of events. You may edit or update your event as needed.

2. Quickpost, which skips registration and allows you to quickly post your event. This option does not allow you to edit your event once it has been posted.

3. Become a member of through Patreon. In addition to allowing you to update your events, this process brands your events with your member status, letting your constituents know that you are actively supporting the arts.

The login process is a little different for each of the three choices offered above, but in general you will be asked to supply a title for your event, the date(s), time, price, description (helpful to have it typed and spell-checked ahead of time) and contact email, phone or weblink. A photo is very effective in attracting attention for your event, so you will probably want to have one located and ready to go (.jpg file less than 1000 pixels longest side)

You have the option of adding a YouTube video link and ticket purchase link.

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Create your free account

Login and post events

Add Quickpost event no login needed but no editing of event.

CLICK HERE become a member through Patreon

Patreon member login

Coming soon--watch video instructions for posting an event.